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Tornado Safety Features

May 26, 2022 Share
Tornado Safety Features

It is imperative to feel safe and secure in your home during the unpredictable Oklahoma weather. That is why we provide built-in tornado safety features in every home we build. Read below to learn how each safety feature protects you and your family during severe weather!

Our tornado safety features include oriented strand board, anchor bolts, and tornado straps. Oriented strand board is a super-strong sheathing that gets its strength from the alternating orientation of the layers of wood that compose it. We use OSB rather than flimsy foam board around the entire perimeter of your home. Anchor bolts anchor the bottom plate of your home to the stem wall - this is beneficial in the event of severe weather or tornadoes. The anchor bolts are sunk 8 inches into the concrete of the stem wall, and the J-shape locks the bolts in place - keeping your home secure during strong Oklahoma winds. Finally, tornado straps, also known as hurricane straps, anchor the top plate of your home to the rafters, keeping your roof more secure during Oklahoma's high winds.

Rest assured knowing that your home will help protect you and your family during severe weather. Not only do we include tornado safety features with every home, but we have plenty of other built-in safety features as well! Check out our other safety features here, and visit our available homes page to find your brand-new home today!

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